My fellow Peorians,

I stand before you not as a distant candidate, but as a lifelong resident of Peoria – a city etched into my very being. My name is Robert Boucher, and I am ready to serve and protect the citizens of Peoria County as your next State’s Attorney. I invite you to consider my candidacy, and I thank you for your unwavering support and your vote on November 5, 2024.

Peoria, Illinois - Safe Homes, Safe Schools, Safe Streets

A Lifelong Commitment

Peoria pulses through my veins. Its streets, its struggles, its triumphs – they’ve shaped me. And today, I step forward with a mission burning in my heart: to address the rise in violent crimes that threatens the safety of our communities. We can’t afford to look away; we must confront this epidemic head-on. Safe homes, safe schools, and safe streets – these are not mere slogans; they’re the bedrock of our Peoria. Together, we’ll weave a safety net that catches every neighbor in need.

Jodi Hoos and the Rising Tide of Crime

For five years, Jodi Hoos has held the reins. But let’s face the facts: crime has surged under her watch. Our streets echo with fear, and our homes bear the weight of uncertainty. We can’t afford to drift any longer. We need a leader who doesn’t just talk about change but embodies it – someone who knows Peoria’s heartbeat, its struggles, and its dreams.

Crime Statistics

Let’s delve into the numbers, Peoria. Based on the most recently available data, here’s what we’re up against:

  • Total Crimes: In the last reporting year, Peoria witnessed 3,120 total crimes. That’s 1,576.6 total crimes per 100,000 people – a stark reality we can’t ignore.
  • Violent Crime: Our chance of becoming a victim of violent crime? 1 in 84 – a sobering statistic compared to the Illinois average of 1 in 348. Murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults – they’re part of our reality, but they don’t define us.
  • Property Crime: Here’s the gut punch: 1 in 32 Peorians experiences property crime, compared to the Illinois average of 1 in 59. Burglaries, thefts, and motor vehicle thefts – they chip away at our sense of security.

Proposed Solutions

  • Community Unity: We’re not bystanders; we’re stewards of safety. Let’s build bridges between law enforcement and our neighborhoods. Coffee chats, town halls – these aren’t just events; they’re trust-building exercises. When we stand together, we’re an unbreakable chain.
  • Youth Empowerment: Our kids aren’t statistics; they’re our legacy. Sports leagues, after-school programs, mentorship – these aren’t luxuries; they’re investments in our future. When they thrive, Peoria thrives.
  • Justice with Compassion: The courtroom isn’t a sterile arena. It’s where lives intersect. Punishment alone won’t heal our wounds; rehabilitation, second chances – that’s the melody I’ll play.
  • Police-Community Synergy: More officers? Yes, but not as enforcers; as partners. Let’s bridge the gap. When they patrol our streets, they carry our hopes with them.
  • Effective Crime Prevention Strategies: We need proactive measures. Community policing initiatives, neighborhood watch programs, and targeted efforts in high-crime areas – these are our tools. Let’s be strategic, data-driven, and relentless in our pursuit of safety.

Be a Part of the Solution: Join Our Mission

Peorians, we’re in this together. Let’s create safer streets, one step at a time. Here’s how you can be part of our mission:

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Together, we’ll make Peoria safe again!

Election Day Is November 5, 2024

As we approach the general elections, let’s make our voices heard. Voting for Robert Boucher means voting for a Peoria County that is safer and fairer for all. Let’s stand united in support of a safer, stronger Peoria. Vote for Robert Boucher. Your choice for State’s Attorney. 🌟🌆