Robert Boucher for State's Attorney
Robert W. Boucher
"Embracing the values of honesty, respect, and hard work, I will leverage cutting-edge technology to confront and resolve the pressing challenges posed by violent crime in our community."

I am Robert Boucher, and I am deeply concerned about the increase in violent crimes that has left none of us feeling safe in our homes, schools, or on our streets. On August 31, 2023, after days of shootings and killings, City of Peoria Police Chief Eric Echevarria said, “there’s war on the streets right now”. Also on August 31, 2023, and in response to the days of senseless violence, the Peoria Federation of Teachers asserted that the city is “out of control” and “we need someone to step up and take control”.

We all recognize that ignoring the problem of our crime epidemic will not solve the problem.

The government is obligated to keep its citizens safe from violent acts and ensure that they have safe homes, safe schools, and safe streets. Additionally, the people have the right to insist that their government takes action to protect them.

I will serve as a State’s Attorney who understands and respects the hard-working values instilled in the people of the “Heart of Illinois”. Committed to public service, I will work diligently with various stakeholders including public service agencies, religious leaders, elected officials, teachers, social and mental health agencies, and community-based civic organizations. Together, we will address the issue of violent crime and strive to ensure safe homes, schools, and streets for all.

My approach as a State’s Attorney will prioritize responsiveness and responsibility to the needs of the citizens of Peoria County. Embracing the values of honesty, respect, and hard work, I will leverage cutting-edge technology to confront and resolve the pressing challenges posed by violent crime in our community.

As the County’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer, I will personally and professionally undertake the responsibility to protect the citizens of Peoria County from random acts of violence. Through swift and vigorous prosecution, conviction, and pursuit of harsh sentencing for violent offenders, I will establish a strong deterrent against crime, emphasizing that crime does not “Play in Peoria”. Furthermore, in adherence to the Pretrial Fairness Act, I will actively seek and secure pretrial detention for violent offenders.

I am committed to recruiting, training, and retaining the most qualified assistant prosecutors to support our efforts in waging our “war on crime”. By assembling a diverse and skilled team of Assistant State’s Attorneys, I will ensure that the citizens of Peoria County receive the highest level of professional prosecution, safeguarding their personal safety in our ongoing battle against crime.

About Me

I am a proud 3rd generation Peorian who has lived, worked, and raised my family in the “Heart of Illinois” for my entire life. My wife, Liz, and our daughter, Clare, are my greatest inspiration. Their unwavering support and love fuel my determination to serve and protect the citizens of Peoria County. As a husband and father, I am committed to creating a safer community where families like ours can thrive without fear.  

My education includes attending St. John’s Grade School, Limestone Community High School, Illinois Central College, University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana, and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. This diverse educational background has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively serve as your State’s Attorney.

Early Life

My upbringing began on the south side of Peoria, 61605 and instilled in me the values of integrity, hard work, and service to others. My father, John, served as a World War II Navy Veteran and also as the Local and State Commander of AMVETS. He worked tirelessly his whole life and retired from CAT as a machinist. My mother, Tessie, raised seven children while working part-time in the cafeterias of Peoria Public School District 150. Their dedication to their family and community has inspired me to follow in their footsteps and serve the people of Peoria County with the same level of commitment.

Organizational Involvement

My wife, Liz, and I are members of St. Vincent DePaul Parish, Diocese of Peoria, and I am a member of the Knights of Columbus, WTVP, and Elks Lodge #20. I have been actively involved in numerous local civic and social organizations, including the Carver Community Center, Kops for Kids, American Lung Association, and Progressive Business Group. Additionally. I have coached your children in their soccer, softball and basketball sports activities, and served as Director of the Catholic Grade School Soccer League.

My extensive involvement in the community has allowed me to understand the needs and concerns of Peoria County residents firsthand.

Vision for the Future

I envision a State’s Attorney’s Office that embodies the spirit of being the ‘People’s Office’ — funded by your tax dollars, devoted to safeguarding the safety of you and your families, and empowering you to pursue your dreams and aspirations.

As your State’s Attorney, I commit to being a full-time advocate for the community. I will be the first one in the office in the morning and the last one to leave at night. Providing a day’s work for a day’s pay, I will thoroughly administer the office and handle a full-time trial case load alongside my assistants. Additionally, I will actively engage in courtrooms, mentoring our newest assistants to elevate them to the highest standards of public service. Leading by example, I will demonstrate dedicated hard work, treating my staff with honor, dignity, and respect. It is my mission to instill in them the belief that public service is honorable and that public safety is the epitome of public service.

Robert Boucher for Peoria County State's Attorney

Why Vote for Robert Boucher?

Peoria County is my hometown and I know the needs of its Citizens.

I have worked hard in your factories, at your construction sites, on your railroads, and in your Courtrooms.

As a businessman, I’ve dedicated my time, energy, and resources to establishing businesses in Peoria County that offer well-paying jobs to those who work alongside me.

As an attorney, I have practiced law for decades across Illinois and the United States. I am a longstanding member of both the Peoria County Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association.

In these turbulent times, the constant threat of violence leaves us all feeling vulnerable. The shooters keep shooting, and the rest of us keep ducking. But turning a blind eye to this threat won’t make it disappear. The cycle of violence only ends when we come together, reclaim our streets, and address the root causes of crime. The epidemic of violent crime instills fear, undermines public safety, and diminishes our quality of life. It’s imperative that we all unite, drawing on diverse perspectives and ideas to devise and implement strategies that guarantee the safety of our homes, schools, and streets.

I offer my personal and professional experiences as a foundation to serve and protect. From the urban streets of our riverfront skyline to the rural farmlands of our county, I aim to create a community where all residents feel secure. I will listen attentively, educate myself persistently, and work tirelessly to forge unity among the people of Peoria. Together, we can confront the challenges posed by the violent crime epidemic and create a safer, more secure community for all residents.

I am Robert Boucher, and I am ready to serve and protect the Citizens of Peoria County, as your next Peoria County State’s Attorney. I invite you to consider my candidacy, and I thank you for your consideration, support, and YOUR vote on November 5, 2024.


Robert Boucher