Explore the Future of Justice with Robert Boucher: Republican Candidate for Peoria County State’s Attorney, Committed to Fairness, Safety, and Community Well-Being.

Robert W. Boucher: A Lifelong Peorian Uniquely Qualified To Be Peoria County State's Attorney

Safe Homes, Safe Schools, Safe Streets

Robert Boucher for Peoria County State's Attorney

Robert Boucher personifies the “Heart of Illinois” Midwestern hometown values of hard work and resilience. He believes in strong, safe communities where neighbors support each other in bad times and celebrate together in good times.

His deep-rooted love for Peoria fuels his commitment to keeping our communities safe by advocating for initiatives that promote Safe Homes, Safe Schools, and Safe Streets. With Robert Boucher serving as our State’s Attorney, we can rely on his unwavering commitment to “justice for all” and his dedication to shaping a better future for every resident of Peoria. Join us in supporting Robert Boucher for State’s Attorney, and together, let’s build a safer, stronger Peoria for generations to come. Vote for Robert Boucher.

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ELECTION DAY IS November 5, 2024

November 5 is a significant milestone in determining the future of Peoria County. As we approach the general elections, we urge you to support Robert Boucher for State’s Attorney. With decades of legal experience, steadfast commitment to our community, and a dedication to safety and justice, Robert stands out as the best candidate to lead us forward. Voting for Robert Boucher means voting for a Peoria County that is safer and fairer for all.

Let’s make our voices heard and stand united in support of Robert Boucher on November 5.