Robert Boucher Pledges Commitment to Safety in Peoria County: Files Petition for State’s Attorney Candidacy

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On December 4, 2023, Robert Boucher, esteemed member of Peoria’s legal community, took a pivotal step in his political journey. With a resolute focus on safety and justice, Boucher filed his petition as a Republican candidate for the primary election for Peoria County State’s Attorney at the Peoria Board of Elections.

Boucher’s decision to run for State’s Attorney is rooted in his unwavering dedication to upholding the law and safeguarding the well-being of Peoria County residents. With over four decades of legal experience under his belt, Boucher brings a wealth of knowledge and a reputation for integrity and expertise to his candidacy.

Central to Boucher’s campaign is his commitment to fostering safe homes, safe schools, and safe streets throughout Peoria County. Recognizing the vital importance of these pillars of community security, Boucher pledges to prioritize initiatives aimed at enhancing public safety, combating crime, and ensuring that all residents can live, work, and thrive in a secure environment.

As Boucher embarks on this new chapter, he remains steadfast in his belief in the power of public service and his dedication to serving the people of Peoria County with integrity, compassion, and accountability. With the primary election scheduled for March 19, 2024, Boucher looks forward to engaging with voters, listening to their concerns, and earning their trust and support as he seeks to become Peoria County’s next State’s Attorney.

Robert Boucher files as a candidate for Peoria County State's Attorney
Robert Boucher files as a candidate for Peoria County State’s Attorney

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